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Keeping packages on Ubuntu fresh install

I am about to test migrating my Ubuntu installation to 64bit. I’ll test compatibility with my used applications first in a VM.

For that I installed Ubuntu 8.10 64bit Desktop edition into the VM. Since I don’t want to manually reinstall all packages by hand, I came up with the following aptitude / dpkg commands after reading a few other instructions:

On the source system, execute:

sudo aptitude search '~i !~M' -F '%p install' > packages-list

This will generate a list of all manually installed packages in packages-list. (All packages not installed as a dependency of another package.)

On the destination system execute:

sudo dpkg --set-selections < packages-list
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dselect-upgrade

This will install all the packages from the list. (and apt will take care of resolving dependencies)

That’s it. If you have already used a different method and want to fix things, read on:
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Weird keyboard behavior with VMWare

I just noticed that my cursor keys did not behave correctly with a Windows XP VM on an Intrepid host. The down arrow acted as the Windows key!

After some googling I found this blog entry.

You have to insert the following lines into your ~/.vmware/config file:

xkeymap.keycode.108 = 0x138 # Alt_R
xkeymap.keycode.106 = 0x135 # KP_Divide
xkeymap.keycode.104 = 0x11c # KP_Enter
xkeymap.keycode.111 = 0x148 # Up
xkeymap.keycode.116 = 0x150 # Down
xkeymap.keycode.113 = 0x14b # Left
xkeymap.keycode.114 = 0x14d # Right
xkeymap.keycode.105 = 0x11d # Control_R
xkeymap.keycode.118 = 0x152 # Insert
xkeymap.keycode.119 = 0x153 # Delete
xkeymap.keycode.110 = 0x147 # Home
xkeymap.keycode.115 = 0x14f # End
xkeymap.keycode.112 = 0x149 # Prior
xkeymap.keycode.117 = 0x151 # Next
xkeymap.keycode.78 = 0x46 # Scroll_Lock
xkeymap.keycode.127 = 0x100 # Pause
xkeymap.keycode.133 = 0x15b # Meta_L
xkeymap.keycode.134 = 0x15c # Meta_R
xkeymap.keycode.135 = 0x15d # Menu

Firefox profile sharing

If you dual-boot and want to share your bookmarks and passwords between the two installations:

symlink the files key3.db, signons2.txt and bookmarks.html from your windows profile in your Linux profile.
(Assuming you use a master password for your password store.)

In a terminal go to your Linux profile dir (~/.mozilla/firefox/x9999abc.default or similar) and do a "ln -s /path/to/the/corresponding/windows/file".

Ubuntu .deb packaging

Here are some of my bookmarks regarding .deb packaging.

Building Package from source:

Building package from binary .tar.gz. (via Alien)
Do not use for .tar.gz from vendors who supply their own installer. (VMWare for example.)

CDBS Documentation (Common Debian Build System) - especially nice for packaging python modules.

Ubuntu Packaging Guide

Nice introduction to the debian maintainer scripts with diagrams on how it all fits together:

happy Linux convert

I finally did it. I’ve been running Ubuntu 7.10 on my personal desktop for a bit more than a week now. I never felt the urge to boot into windows again ;)

Configuration tweaks because of special hardware were minimal. MP3 collection, Slimserver, Komodo, etc. — all is up and running angain.

I also got my own Ubuntu Package Archive now and built my first Package. I packaged Robin Sonefor’s Blogposter Plugin for Tomboy, an excellent note taking program for Gnome.

More later…

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