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New Ubuntu Packages

I am proud to announce (o.k., maybe a little late) that my first two packages made it into the Ubuntu repositories and are available in Ubuntu 9.04:

  • gebabbel helps you with converting different GPS data formats and downloading GPS data from your GPS handheld.
  • tomboy-blogposter is an addon for the note taking program Tomboy which allows you to send notes to your blog.

New Ubuntu packages

Robin has updated his TomboyBlogposter addin and I have updated my Ubuntu packages correspondingly.

Vinagre Screenshot
Screenshot from Vinagre Homepage

Also fresh: Backports of the Vinagre VNC client for Ubuntu 7.10. It’s not sure whether these will make it into gutsy-backports, since some bigger source change was necessary.

Vinagre obsoletes the old and ugly xvncviewer and has a user interface similar to VMWares Server Console or Workstation (sidebar, tabs, etc.).

Get the packages by adding the line

deb gutsy main

to your APT sources.list (or use Synaptic 3rd party software tab) or download at my PPA.

Download the .debs for your architecture (i386, etc.) and install with:

sudo dpkg -i packagename.deb

Note that if you install the .debs manually via dpkg you have to install gtk-vnc prior to vinagre.

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