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Vinagre and Transmission for Gutsy

I have a few updates regarding my Personal Package Archive:

My Vinagre VNC backport for Gutsy will make it into the official gutsy-backports repository if I get two successful test reports on bug #191077. So please download and test, if you are interested.
(See also my previous post: New Ubuntu Packages)

Also, I have the beta version of the upcoming 1.10 release of the Transmission Bittorrent Client in my PPA. I use the same packaging as the official Ubuntu versions. (As opposed to the ones you’ll get at

If you don’t know Transmission yet: It’s a lightweight Bittorrent client, capable of downloading multiple Torrents simultaneously, throttling speeds, peer exchange and encrypted transfer (and more…). It will be the default Bittorrent client for Hardy.

In my opinion, it is a good replacement for Azureus, if you don’t need all the advanced stuff and don’t want a big java app hogging all your memory…

Get all the debs at my PPA.

New Ubuntu packages

Robin has updated his TomboyBlogposter addin and I have updated my Ubuntu packages correspondingly.

Vinagre Screenshot
Screenshot from Vinagre Homepage

Also fresh: Backports of the Vinagre VNC client for Ubuntu 7.10. It’s not sure whether these will make it into gutsy-backports, since some bigger source change was necessary.

Vinagre obsoletes the old and ugly xvncviewer and has a user interface similar to VMWares Server Console or Workstation (sidebar, tabs, etc.).

Get the packages by adding the line

deb gutsy main

to your APT sources.list (or use Synaptic 3rd party software tab) or download at my PPA.

Download the .debs for your architecture (i386, etc.) and install with:

sudo dpkg -i packagename.deb

Note that if you install the .debs manually via dpkg you have to install gtk-vnc prior to vinagre.

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