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This is a small project for conveniently downloading torrents from a RSS feed.

Hosted on BitBucket.

Working on Ubuntu

I have a page on wiki.ubuntu.com, where I keep track on my various (small) contributions to Ubuntu.


Update: I am no longer working on WMDLIB, since I have switched to Linux entirely. If however somebody is willing to collaborate / take over, I would try to support the effort.

WMDLIB is a Library for interfacing with the Windows Media Devices API from Python. Its aim is to make copying of files to an MTP-based MP3-Player as easy as copying a file to a directory. Tools for playlist creation will also be included.

The library is in the absolute beginnings at the moment. (Pre-Alpha)

I plan to build a COM interface to the library for the most important features, so applications written in C++ can use it, too. (Thinking of foobar2000 for example…)

WMDLIB is availeable from the Pypi project page.

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